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Things didn’t work out for these players in their first stint in New Orleans. Whether the depth chart was overcrowded or they hadn’t yet begun to reach their potential, they ended up on the outs and had to start fresh with another team. Tennessee Titans Face masks

The Raiders have ranked in the bottom half of the league in expected points added (EPA) allowed per pass play in each of the last three seasons. Sherman is still one of the smartest cornerbacks in the game and would surely help bring the Raiders out of the coverage rut. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Face masks

Every team has a reputation. It seemed the Cincinnati Bengals, long seen as cheap, were shedding theirs.

The move also potentially tips the team's hand on what is to come in free agency.

Long-time NFL writer Rick Gosselin has released his annual special teams rankings for decades, a variety of kicking, punting and coverage categories, and this year the Broncos once again checked in well below a playoff level -- at 21st overall.

Team Logo Face Masks

Still, the Cowboys escaped the fire of their own making to a point, and Dak Prescott will be paid what the market will bear based on his performance and potential. As contentious as this has been all along for no good reason, that amounts to a win-win situation — it’s just that Jerry Jones negotiated himself out of a much better deal.

He managed his foot issues throughout training camp but didn’t make it to the season. He ended up requiring surgery in November to address bone spur issues. New York Giants Face masks

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